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Admakers Advertising Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1983 in Singapore as a local, boutique advertising agency. Over the years, the start-up creative and media powerhouse grew from strength to strength and proudly celebrates its 32nd anniversary this year.

Admakers' strength - providing the full range of advertising services -  from marketing to communications strategy; local, regional and international media planning and buy; and, creative conceptualization and execution. This spans above-the-line (television, radio, newspapers), below-the-line (posters. brochure), outdoor, internet and social media.

Clients include government organizations, education centers, property developers, concert promoters. shopping centers, fast-food chains, charities and many fledgling businesses.

Admakers is accredited with all major media owners, a member of the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore and a registered government supplier.




We provide our clients with proactive and effective Advertising Strategies, immersing ourselves into your industry to identify more effective and relevant solutions based on a clear understanding of your marketing objectives. We provide you with our services rich in experience gained from many successful marketing programs to ensure that every marketing exercise is based on sound strategy and an effective creative approach. Concept to distribution we are with you all the way. We have accomplished a wide spectrum of work which includes:

Media – We strategise and execute marketing communication campaigns in all media – from broadcast to print, from mobile to outdoor. 

Creatives – Conceptualisation and production of both 'above-the-line' (ATL) and 'below-the-line' (BTL) creatives including ad copy, production of videos and commercials (including composition of jingles and soundtracks), point-of-sale advertising, exhibition booths, etc. Admakers mission is to provide not just highly creative work but more importantly, to create hard-working advertising that will get clients results they want. That is the measure of our success.

Digital – Mobile advertising, digital marketing, community/social network marketing, mobile content and applications, mobile billing and media monetisation, mobile advertising campaign strategy and management, mobile rich media, consumer management, loyalty programme, Ad Exchanges and Real Time Bidding

Admakers Team Production – We have professional producers who develop visual subjects for a global media broadcast. We challenge the creative limits of production from concepts to post-production, just so we can bring unique content for Television episodes, commercials, concerts and ‘live’ media events. With the combined pool of producers and directors from Europe, Australia, Asia and our home-based talent, we engage your demographic with slick productions.





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